Indian Children - The Sacred Center of Our Tribal Nations - Welcome from Angel Smith
Indian Children - The Sacred Center of Our Tribal Nations -
Welcome from
Angel R. Smith, J.D., M.B.A.

Osiyo (Hello!)
I am so glad you have come to join with me in the effort to give voice to our Indian children!   

Throughout the long history of government-to-government relationship, the voice of our youngest tribal members have been silenced under shifting foreign government policies regarding "relations" with Indian tribes.  Yet,  it is our children- across all generations- that have been the most vulnerable and exploited members of our tribal nations.

It is time our tribal children have their voice. 
It is time their voice is heard.

In my youth, I read of Black Elk (Oglala Sioux).  His words stayed with me throughout my life.  He said the hoop of the tribal nation(s) was broken, scattered and no longer had center; that "the sacred tree" was dead. 

Our Indian children are the center of our Indian tribes.  

Our tribal children are the very life of the sacred tree- our tribal nations.  History has given us lessons by which to learn.  The protection and well-being of our minor tribal citizens are the duty of our tribal nations as sovereign in self-determination.  It is the duty of each elder tribal citizen.  Likewise, today the duty and stated policy of our own United States of America is protection of Indian children, including recognition of the Indian child's right to connection with the child's tribe.  Giving voice to our minor tribal citizens is very much my personal life endeavor. 

To aid in our ongoing discussion, this website contains general educational materials on topics including (but certainly not limited to):
  • The experiences of our Indian children throughout history.
  • Contemporary challenges and issues facing our Indian children.
  • The rights and claims of Indian children under the laws of the United States and other international documents.
  • Other Resources available on matters impacting our Indian children. 

We are at the start of a journey on behalf of our "u-s-di" (little ones).  I'm so very glad you have come to join on this path

This site is currently under development. 

Disclaimer: Any and all information on this site is intended for educational purposes only, and is shared as general knowledge, including general legal knowledge.  It is not intended as legal advice.  Should you need legal advice, please contact an attorney.  
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